Window Tinting Background

seattlewindwHey Steven here, thought i’d just write a little about my background and upbringing. So here we go..

  • Grew up with just my mom
  • Excelled in school until high school when i become interested in running my own business
  • Planned on going to college, but never my business aspirations took me elsewhere
  • Worked at a window tinting business in Seattle
  • Now trying to blog for a living

There’s a little bio on me. So ya, i did work for someone else once because i happen to love cars. The company i was with was Window Tinting Seattle i learned alot about the trade, life, and business. I feel really blessed to have learned what i learned there.

Demonstration of what i did here:

Now my focus has shifted i want to discover the way millionaires become billionaires, i know there is  a secret or loophole us average americans don’t have. Stick with me as i discover and unveil these secrets.

Right now i’m going to sign out, there is something else that demands my attention unfortunately. Ill be back soon though. If you guys every want to connect with me head over to my contact page and let’s connect!