Crash & Burn

Whats up everyone? Here to post about my weekend getaway last week. I got out of town and out of civilization. Yep, that’s right.. i went off grid. I managed to grab a backpack with enough gear to last me at least 2 nights in the wilderness. If your wondering where i was, i couldn’t even tell you.. Somewhere deep in the mountains of Washington.

I have to admit i only lasted one night. I got about 15-16 miles up the first night and set up camp.. Man it get’s cold at night, even in summer. The next morning i had a scare after seeing what appeared to be a bear so i turned and ran back down the trail in a hurry. Apparently i was moving to fast for my feet and i tripped on a rock. I tumbled an estimated 40-50 feet and got up with a severely sprained ankle. I was bummed, but at least i can say im safe. I like to think that bear got a good laugh at me running and tumbling like an idiot.

The rest of the trek was a nightmare. I had to hop, limp, and crawl at some points but i made it back to my car..

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.57.20 PM My biggest problem hadn’t even occurred yet. Because my right ankle was bad i had some issues using the gas and brake pedal in my suburu. So as i was making my way back on to the free way i momentarily lost control of my vehicle went off the road slightly and into a ditch. Luckily i was able to call a Wenatchee Tow Truck company to come help me out and get me home.

Overall the weekend escape was a good but i think it would be smart for me to hike with a group of people so we can have each others back. I wont be scared to get back out there though. I hope you all are doing great.. I know this post was a little different but i felt it was a great story to share here.

Peace to all.