New Jobs

Hey, Steven here,

Just wanted to make a post and talk about some of the jobs i’ve been working the past few weeks.. I’m pretty much just doing blue collar work right now so hard work, but it does pay decently.


So for awhile i was doing some freelance plumbing work in the city, which was ok, it kept me busy and paid me well. There’s just too many cons to living and working in the city. For example, traffic going to work takes about 45 minutes and coming home over n hour most days!! That will drive even the most sane person crazy.

That’s when i started searching online for jobs in other parts of the state and found out about a wenatchee roof repair company. I jumped on it since i have experience in roofing and that area is nice to live and work in from what i’ve heard. ┬áSo far that is going well, my boss is good, the pay is well, and my co-workers are pretty cool guys.

In other news i have done some research about exposing a billionaire group overseas that acquires billions of our usa tax payers money. Our military in the middle east protects oil fields that we don’t even profit from. So we are paying to have our soldiers protect land that does not benefit us in any way. Crazy right.

I plan on expanding on this soon, so that’s a quick update for you that read this blog. Life is going pretty decently for me right now and i hope it is well for you too.

Leave me a message or comment i’d like to hear others voices and opinions.

That’s it for now.


-Steven Garcia